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Blue Ridge Washington 98177

There are 924 single-family homes in Blue Ridge Seattle. The average year these homes were built is 1951. The average size of a Blue Ridge home is 2,588 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are 700 single-story homes in Blue Ridge Seattle, 89 homes with one and a half stories, 124 two-story homes, and 3 homes that are two and a half stories or taller.

The average length of ownership of a home in Blue Ridge Seattle is 8.7 years. There are 298 homes in Blue Ridge that have been owned for five years or less. Of the remaining homes, there are 183 home that have been owned between five and ten years and 299 homes that have been owned over ten years. The average property taxes for a home in Blue Ridge are $4,986.

Seattle Washington Real Estate Map of Blue Ridge Seattle Map

This tiny corner of Seattle is one of the most unknown and isolated neighborhoods in the city.

Blue Ridge is a covenant community north of Ballard, developed during the Depression, by William Boeing for some of his airplane company executives.

Never heard of Blue Ridge? You're not alone. Many locals haven't heard of it either, or can only vaguely tell you where it's located -- which is on Puget Sound north of Northwest 100th Street and south of Carkeek Park, mostly downslope toward the water from 15th Avenue Northwest.

There are only three reasons to be in Blue Ridge, you live here, you are visiting someone who lives in Blue Ridge, or you might be lost.

blue-ridge-seattle-washington-real-estate-0021This hillside community -- with some spectacular views of Puget Sound -- is divided by home-crowded ravines and persistent creeks. It is completely residential, with about 450 homes and covenant-restricted access to a community club, a swimming pool, tennis courts, two play fields and a private beach. Blue Ridge is removed from the typical urban hustle and bustle. Its geographic location and limited street access assure it a strong sense of place, identity and privacy.

Blue Ridge is one of those places that you move to and live in for the rest of your life.  This is a place where kids can safely ride their bicycles on the streets or wander along a clean beach; where crime is infrequent and neighbors not only know each other but play together.

You have to play by a few extra rules, but most in Blue Ridge think it's worth it.

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